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Amoretti Root Beer Syrup

this company is one I have seen a lot of at coffee shops and the like, always like vanilla, raspberry and some other stuff that works well in coffee or perhaps tea, I don’t really know. occasionally there is a place that makes “Italian sodas” with them where they pump it into seltzer or something. I think I tried raspberry Italian soda once. yes, just once. it was not tasty I don’t think. yet I had never seen a place that had root beer syrup. so I was excited to learn they did in fact make one.
I had gone on a syrup and extract buying spree a bit ago as I was running low on pre-made root beer type drinks to review. then of course I found a whole bunch of sodas before I got through of that large stash so many have been sitting for a while. it is much more work to prepare these drinks, often requiring mixing it all the day or so ahead of time. many extracts are unsweetened so one must dissolve the sugar in hot water, then cool it before adding the extract and carbonating it. this one though comes as a syrup so I just had to use cold water in my seltzer bottle to make it. I probably should have added the syrup to the bottle before carbonating it, but instead I tried to follow their directions. thus I made the cold, bubbly water then added 1 3/4 pumps of syrup. which promptly sank to the bottom on my glass. now I had to stir it up and ruin the whole bubbly-ness. so yeah, that is the background here, with a glass of non-carbonated stuff in front of me.
well…. huh. it’s very licorice flavored. do you like licorice? I do, sure. so this is ok. it has more of a sour-ish taste to it, from the high licorice content. yet it is sweet enough I suppose as well. there is some other “root” type tastes in here, but they are really secondary. this becomes much more of a licorice drink to me than a traditional root beer. but hey, you do what you want, this can be a root beer if you say so.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: syrup
Available: CA, online

Obtained in: ordered online
Head: None Sweetener: cane sugar, fructose, dextrose
Calories: 105 Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 24g Sugar: 24g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: cane sugar, dextrose, fructose, water, caramel color, natural flavor

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