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Invertase Brewing Root Beer

I believe this was the fourth stop on my great root beer road trip 2022 ™! it was also a cool space, most breweries are I will admit. I suppose they appeal to my design aesthetic, often a lot of wood and industrial stuff, exposed beams and steel and such things. the very friendly owner / proprietor / barkeep greeted us and asked to see what my sweat jacket said (it was an Avail hoodie if you were wondering, I do not own any root beer related hoodies or long sleeves or I might have been sporting one of those on this journey, alas). he proceeded into his spiel about their offerings. I asked if they did growlers or crowlers of root beer or just glasses. he said we was not sure they had any left and went to check the back room connection / keg or whatever area then returned saying they were out. I expressed my disappointment in a kind hearted manner and my lady ordered one of their beers after which we settled into one of the tables and proceeded to chat while she consumed said beverage. after a few moments the kind gentlemen referenced earlier came over to us with a growler under his coat. he slid it over to me and said not to tell anyone and to hide it under the table or something. now this guy is on the numerous photos around the place as the owner so it struck me as quite humorous but I complied. granted, I am not complying now by telling the world about this action. I put a health tip in the tip jar and thanked them profusely before we left. I only assumed it was root beer and until just now I was not certain.
yup, root beer! huzzah!
it is pretty good. a creamy smooth taste on top of your usual root beer herbs and spices. nothing really out of the ordinary but still a solid offering for those people choosing not to imbibe on a given day at their establishment. the creaminess is the most forward and somewhat unique aspect to the drink. it has a a bit of a heavy quality to the flavor as well somehow. as it is a growler I cannot comment too much on the carbonation level but even now, almost a week later, it is well carbonated and nicely done. it i snot a drink I would go way out the way to get, but I would happily drink it while out with friends or whatever. so thank you again Invertase Brewing people! I do wonder if they put any invertase in this drink, probably not, but maybe it is their signature thing, in all their beverages….

Anthony’s Rating: 78
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: NJ

Obtained in: at Brewery
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. ArtShapiro says:

    It seems that “nothing out of the ordinary” doesn’t rate a quite-high 88. That’s getting up into fairly lofty territory.

  2. Oh, you are right, I put this in the wrong db line!

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