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Nifty Fifty Cherry Root Beer

this place had me very much thinking about my review criteria. I had never been here before and was unsure quite how it worked but the website boasted over 100 handcrafted flavors. the list on there included two root beers and one birch beer. yet looking at photos and stuff it seemed like the fountain itself had the basic flavors and then they add syrups to make it an additional flavor. would they count as an additional soda? and where does it end? cherry lime vanilla pineapple mango chocolate strawberry blue raspberry watermelon ginger cola orange birch root beer? I feel I am pretty liberal in my “root beer” definition but that is taking it too far. so I decided just to see what they had and how it worked. when I arrived to this location it turned out they had a self serve fountain with three root beers and one birch beer among the offerings and then a bunch of syrups you could dispense and add yourself to flavor things. my decision was to just go with reviewing the official things on fountain as otherwise it is too much up to the whim of the maker when adding syrup. now if it had been behind the counter it would have been a different story since then there could be company rules about how much syrup to add. but I got off easy here I think. well, sort of, I mean it would be kind of exciting to have 186 new root beers to review I suppose, but it would require multiple visits as I am not that thirsty. =)
I say down with my gal, placed our food orders and proceeded to fill up my cup with soda!
so first up is the cherry root beer! I believe this was the first one I tried as it was the most interesting of the lot. I have had a couple of other cherry root beers and enjoyed them as I recall. the taste of this one is much more cherry than root beer so perhaps it should be a root beer tinged cherry soda for more accuracy. I like cherry soda quite a bit so this is fine by me but the hardcore root beer people out there may be disappointed. it is also a very sweet drink, another thing I generally enjoy, and they did not take it over that imaginary line into syrupy so that is a plus. it is not a great soda by any means but it would do if you are hankering for something a little root beer like with a bunch of cherry flavor.

Anthony’s Rating: 71
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: fountain
Available: NJ, PA

Obtained in: at restaurant
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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