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734 Brewing Root Beer

another very exciting trade result! there is most likely no way I would have ever gotten this soda otherwise so I am always very thankful and excited about doing trades. I would love to go to Michigan and do a root beer quest but it’s not happening anytime soon. but here I am with it and that is marvelous. from their website this brewery seems like a fine establishment, although there is really not much information on them so perhaps I am projecting goodness upon anyone who makes a root beer.
the can is also quite un-informative I must admit! no ingredients or nutrition info, just a pretty plain white label with a simple drawing and the brwery’s address. and a QR code. I shall scan it and see if that reveals the secrets! um, nope, that just got me to a page that said “Your Account has been deleted.” so yeah, the mystery remains.
I am not sure if it is their intention or not, but there is absolutely no carbonation to this drink. I mean, I am ok with that either way. maybe I just waited too long to open the can but usually cans hold carbonation a while and I have not had this all that long yet. beyond that, the flavor is very weak and not all that great. it seems more like they put some generic root beer extract in sugary water, but not really enough. it is definitely drinkable and sort of more refreshing than something you actually sit and enjoy drinking. it is unfortunate that I cannot give this some praise, I would like to, but I have to be honest in the end.

Anthony’s Rating: 44
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12 oz can, On Tap
Available: MI

Obtained in: trade with David
Head: None Sweetener:
Caffeine: No

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  1. Art Shapiro says:

    When I read today’s review, I couldn’t help but think back many years to recall Root Beer Fizzies! (Remember them?)

  2. Yes Art! They were weird but kind of tasty! Little tablets of fizzy sugar. =)

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