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Zia Root Beer

I was completely unaware they had changed the recipe of this brew until Robert messaged me and let me know. granted, it is not a huge change, but really anything is enough for it to qualify as a new root beer in my book. as I recall, the previous version was pretty good, rather unusual. as they removed the roasted barley malt, that seems like this would be better since that does not sound like a tasty addition to root beer.
hhhmmm, this is not bad. interesting for sure still. nothing really overpowers the overall flavor but I can taste the anise, licorice and mint all in there as well as the clove. they blend together in a nice way that one has to pay attention to. that said, I do not love it. it is good in the way that it is unusual and different and not bad even with that uniqueness but it just is a bit too herbal and minty to me. I like mint, but it is not really a flavor that works great here especially when paying more attention to the taste. when I tune out a little and just drink it, I seem to enjoy it more. yet when I focus and evaluate the nuances, i am more taken aback. if I am correct in my recollection I liked the old version more than this. maybe it is just my opinion today or maybe it really does taste different or perhaps my taste buds and preferences have changed in the intervening years. I am curious what others think on the matter.

Anthony’s Rating: 86
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: NM

Obtained in: trade with Robert
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 148 Sodium: 5mg
Carbs: 39g Sugar: 39g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, anise, licorice, clove, mint, yucca root, madagascar bourbon vanilla, citric acid

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  1. I was really enjoying their cola and expected a lot from their root beer. The root beer definitely has that “all natural” flavor that these all natural types typically have. I thought it was ok. Tried it a few months ago, and I think I gave it a low 70s/high 60s score. Probably around a 72 for me. Definitely more sarsaparilla-ish(?) flavor, if my memory serves me correct. A reel “herbally”, even “barky” flavor, like you are chewing on the herbs themselves. Not really my style of root beer, but is one of the better 100% all natural type root beers out there. I still need to try a bunch of their other flavors. I believe they have a cactus flavor, and me and my dad did not like it. My dad did like this root beer much much more than I did though. Will try again.

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