1. Hello. Just took a look at your new Availability page, and perhaps I don’t understand the concept, but it seems to be somewhat incomplete.

    I have the good fortune of being within 10 miles of three BevMo retail outlets, and they routinely have several brands that don’t appear in your list. And I’m just about to finish the last of a six pack of IBC – decent if not spectacular – purchased at a California supermarket. It too seems not to be present.

    Now if BevMo would get some more Milligan’s Island, which has appeared very sporadically in the past, my life would be complete!

    Art Shapiro

  2. anthony says:

    well, the idea is to show all of the sodas available in a given state or country, except for the ones avaiable everywhere which it seemed silly to list. the data is mainly my best guess based info derived from companies’ websites. i am no where near a BevMo location so i have no clue what they carry. if you know of any errors or omissions please let me know. i will check the BevMo website and see what they seem to have though, adding data for those brands.

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