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Real Soda in Real Bottles Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer

i think this is the last of the Real Soda in Real Bottles offerings. but i could be wrong and they are nutty enough to put out more at any moment. this one is actually made by Empire Bottling Works who seem to make custom stuff for several companies as well as their own offerings. interesting that a west coat company would have a bottler in NY make their product, it seems non-cost effective to ship such a heavy thing cross country, let alone the environmental impacts of course.
i am also confused about how there is more sugar in here than there are carbs. sugar IS a carb, thus it is breaking many laws of the food world just by existing. or maybe it is just a mistake on the label.
this is probably the best and most successfully executed of the Real Soda sodas to me. although i am not sure i really taste any molasses here, it is a very hardy, strong, rich taste. i am reminded of one of the Journey Global Herbal thingamaboojers, although i am too lazy to check which one. it is the good one. it is different though and i appreciate that. the sweetness level is perfect, cane sugar really making it great but not syrupy. the taste is a little heavier than your usual brew with an interesting this soda i am really enjoying taking my time with. i suppose i could chug it down and enjoy it but taking it slow seems the right thing to do. the flavor is complex and slow developing so i would miss out on it if i just swallowed it down. i will have to get more of this for sure.

Anthony’s Rating: 96
User’s Rating: 83
# of ratings:27

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, online

Obtained in: sent from pops66
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 170 Sodium: 35mg
Carbs: 45g Sugar: 46g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: natural artesian spring water, made with 100% cane sugar, artificial and/or natural flavor extracts, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative).

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  1. marc says:

    Finally a very good root beer after trying and wasting my money on a bunch of lousy ones.

    I think I also tried their regular Old Rhode Island beer as well. Also a super one.

  2. icool says:

    Tried this stuff a couple months ago. Thought it was horrible. It tasted kind of flat, and just plain gross. I ended up throwing it out. Maybe I’ll give it another try someday.

  3. David says:

    Just bought some of this and drank it ice cold out of a frosted glass. It is really good. Nice strong flavor, but not at all artificial tasting.

  4. stevenwhopkins says:

    Agreed. Loved this stuff.

  5. ed keen says:

    This product is made by Empire Bottling not Real Soda.

  6. I could taste the Molasses, it was not overly strong, but it was there. This one was not great, but not bad either, if someone bought me some, I would drink it. I gave this a 70

  7. […] with the brown sugar and yes, the molasses coming through. but it does not weigh it down like the Olde Rhode Island that comes off as quite heavy and hearty but also yummy. it also seems to have a good cinnamon […]

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