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so i started this site over 13 years ago now. at the time there were a couple of other review sites out there, all of which have disappeared. at this point my site has been up longer than some reviewers have been alive probably.
in that time, many sodas have come and gone. some others have changed their recipe or just their sweetener or whatever. most have changed their labels. i also have become more wordy. i consider this a good thing, it entertains me more to write and probably you to read when more info is given in a more enjoyable manner. although this is strange as the early years of all of this i was actually writing a lot more other junk in general so one would think i would write more here too. but i digress…
through the years too my tastes have changed. i actually enjoy Virgil’s now! i still hate all of the vile Journey drinks though so don’t fret too much. nonetheless i let my original review stand, it was what i thought and felt at that moment of that time of my life. agree or disagree, it stands. now, when a company changes their recipe, that makes it a harder call… i will probably from here on out, do a full on new review, even for just a sweetener change, just to keep stuff more current. people will not care as much what the old recipe was like as they do about the current one.

i will probably also go back and add to my reviews when i encounter a drink again for which i was too short. not taking away what i wrote initially but adding to it. i definitely will not be mail ordering sodas all over again, that is way too costly, but if i get a bottle i may as well talk about it. if a company wants to send me a bottle, i would be happy to take another drink of it. so if you see a review expand, don’t be alarmed. if i do totally change my mind about something, i will add that as an update, to let you know.

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  1. I like the site and the reviews, I understand the changes and why. Keep up the great reviews. Rick b

  2. Karen says:

    Dear Anthony,
    As much as your admission of now liking Virgil’s (WTF HAPPENED?!) pains me, I STILL love your site and always look forward to a new review. Thanks to you, my doctoral advisor is obliged to shlep four-packs of Ithaca back to NYC on my behalf whenever he heads up to Cornell (I’m sure he thanks you, too). Keep up the good work and make sure your daughter grows up with an appreciation for The Good Stuff.

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