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Reading Draft Blueberry Birch Beer

oh wait, one more. the odd one of the bunch! honestly i am kind of scared of this. when i saw it on the website, i was excited, it is different, interesting. i love blueberries, i love birch beer, why not?! then i thought, i love ice cream and ketchup and THAT combo just did not work out so well. i also failed to notice the color of this drink until just now when i took it out of the fridge. as it is in a dark brown bottle, everything looks pretty dark brown in it. but no, it is bright bright blue, much like the tuxedo i wore to my senior prom, which sadly i have no link to show you. in way i like that but i also am scared for my tongue and my innards being stained after this. not that anyone will see my innards anytime soon i don’t think. but who knows? it is like your mom telling you to always put on clean underwear in case you get in an accident. always keep your innards unstained in case you get gutted for some reason.
after tasting this a few times i actually am not sure how i feel about it. it definitely reminds me of something but i am quite hesitant to tell you what it is as i have found that people either love the stuff or hate it and may have bad associations with this product. i know my amazing wife hates it so it would bias her to tell her that this tastes like what i am thinking of. oh well, whatever, it is my function to tell you these things. personally i love the taste of Pepto Bismol which is what i have been alluding to for the past several sentences here. so yeah, a less creamy, less thick, carbonated version of pepto. now if that appeals to you, go get some of this. if not, you can give it a shot anyway. for those of you who do not know what the taste is, i will go into more detail. it is, i suppose, what i would imagine blueberry birch beer to be like, take the minty wintergreen of birch beer, add in a fruity taste that is more of a blue raspberry than a blueberry taste to me and you about have this down. it is alright. more of a very occasional drink than something i will crave often or much at all. i find it difficult to believe that there is no artificial color in this… i am guessing they put the same ingredient list on all of their sodas and just skipped that element on those that have it. perhaps the “natural and/or artificial flavors” are really bright blue? yeah, must be.

Anthony’s Rating: 66
User’s Rating: 89
# of ratings:7

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Type: Blue Birch Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: PA

Obtained in: mail order from Shady Maple Gift Shop
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: triple filtered carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural and/or artificial flavors, caramel color, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness)

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  1. marc says:

    Save your money people. It’s tempting to try something new, but this is a waste of time and money.

  2. This one was not really a waste of money. I think everyone should try this at least once. As all Reading Draft flavors, this has a weak flavor. It’s OK, but not as great as it could be. It really irritates me that Reading Draft does not make their sodas with stronger flavor. Unfortunately, they all tend to taste very cheap and like sugar water instead of crafted sodas. This one has barely any birch flavor and barely any blueberry flavor. All in all it’s alright, good enough to receive a 73 score.

  3. Birchy Kate says:

    Blueberry and birch could either be great or disgusting. This stuff is great. I love birch beer, and this is even better. It has such a wonderful lingering aftertaste that makes you crave more. When first opening the bottle, it smells like black locust flowers (which are reminiscent of Graperoo bubblegum if you remember that stuff, pure heaven). I will definitely be buying more of this. And hoping nice people will get me more for my birthday, Xmas, Valentine’s day, etc. 🙂

  4. Birchy Kate says:

    Oh, it really does turn your tongue blue, too 😀

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