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based on some suggestions i have made a couple of changes around here.
the biggest i guess is that the category pages are in alphabetical order instead of date order. that is, if you click on “sarsaparilla reviews” over on the right there you will get the reviews in alphabetical order instead of seeing the newest reviews first. that seemed to make more sense.
i also think i am about done, for now, with the Availibility page. my googling skills have found me a lot of sodas, about 250 actually, that i have never had. so i guess when people ask me now if i have tried them all, i have a better answer. granted most of these are not bottled so it makes it crazy hard to have them, but i suppose it is a challenge.

one thing that quite surprised me, looking at the category stuff more closely, was the numbers in each. the number of Birch Beers and Sarsaparillas are nearly identical. weird. i really would think Birch Beers were a decent amount more plentiful. but perhaps that is a function of me living in the geographic area where that is the case. most Birch Beers i have found have been from the PA, NJ, CT areas. Sarsaparillas are much more plentiful in the western US i suppose although there are some scattered throughout the nation and a few in other parts of the world (UK, Australia, Philippines, Costa Rica) where there is no root beer.

anyway, i am trying to catch up on reviews but not go so fast that i will run out of stuff quickly. i think i have about 15 sodas in queue in my fridge right now, give or take. after that i am not quite sure what else i can get. so there may be a big lull after February. but there is that whole big list in my sidebar there of sodas i need and would gladly pay postage and obtaining costs on. so anyone in Nova Scotia (hint hint) i could make it worth your while!

alright, back to other stuff.
any comments, suggestions, complaints, let me know.

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