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rootbeer christmas movie and new articles

root beer christmas!first off is the exciting news of the release any day now of “A Rootbeer Christmas.” it is the uplifting tale of a diner owning mother of three (3) whose ne’er do well husband leaves her and the precocious tykes just days before christmas. but she avoids homelessness and other un-christmas-y things by discovering and re-introducing an old family recipe for root beer! yes, in just days all is made better! through root beer! whoa, as Joey of Blossom fame uttered so many times before. by the way, did anyone else see current day Blossom on “What Not To Wear?” she was still living the Blossom life. good work Mayim! anyway, her faith and belief also help in this root beer tale. not Blossom’s, the diner owning mom lady. sorry for the confusion. now we need “A Rootbeer Hanukkah,” the tale of the barrel of root beer which never runs out and feeds a very thirsty orphanage of young jewish orphans who are oh so cute and innocent yet street savvy. they await adoption by a wonderful family but because of the shoddy construction practices of the owner and city. they are trapped by a mudslide with only a small barrel of root beer to sustain them for eight (8) days and nights. of course when they are rescued each and every of them is adopted by bald billionaires. or something….

then we have a couple of new articles on root beer, which i always find fun, especially when they link to me!

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  1. Anthony are you trying to scoop our posts at RBB 🙂
    j/k I think our friends at Halestorm can use all the help we can give them.

  2. i am glad you guys are updating more often over there! i had seen a couple mentions of the movie lately and figured i would throw it in a post too. there is only so much root beer news to go around after all. =)

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