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B&S Soda Pop Chili Rootz #45

ok, so since the first B&S Soda Pop i had was seeming to lack in flavor, i thought i would turn this bottle over a couple times gently to get the flavor mixed in better. bad idea. i am lucky this is a thick glass bottle as there is some serious carbonation going on inside of this bad boy. every minute or so i open the top a little and let some of it out but it has been a while now and it still is ready to overflow with foam. so i have yet to taste it. i am a bit apprehensive anyway i suppose. i like a little bit of heat in food, occasionally, but not serious spiciness. and a chili pepper infused root beer promises to have some real kick to it. i have been told by the makers that this does not have the heat of the chili though, just the flavor. this is not on purpose mind you, they do want the spice in there too. so if you get anything other than batch 20101001 you may get spiciness. there is also a large chili floating near the top now. it may have been there before the near explosion, but i just couldn’t see it. now i can since it leaked all over my desk when i first opened it unknowingly and couldn’t close the stopper quickly enough. that pepper makes me think the makers may be joshing me and it will indeed be packing some heat.
ok, this is getting crazy, it has been at least 10 minutes and i still can’t open it long enough to get a drink. it is slowing down a lot though so perhaps soon i can try it. this one was also in the fridge for an extra week, so maybe that resulted in more carbonation even though it should not have. ok, i am going in.
they lied, this has a serious kick! whoa. holy guacamole! if you ever wanted to try a chili flavored soda, here you go. really i don’t taste much of anything else here, just chili pepper. you know, i like spicy ginger beers, but this brings it to another level. it is a weird experience, a drink this spicy. usually i drink things to quell the spice. there is no way i could chug this. which is fine. a sippin’ soda is good too. but to have to wait a couple minutes between sips because my mouth is still rockin is a bit much. i am not saying it is bad at all or that i don’t like it, as i do, but it is not awesome. it is different for sure. interesting indeed. really tasty, not so much. would i get it again? probably not. but i am very glad i got it this once. i gace some to a couple of my co-workers who love chili and put them in many things and they said it was not spicy at all. hhhmm, i still think it is. it burns me. well, at least i can’t say that this soda is lacking in flavor…

Anthony’s Rating: 72
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 16oz glass bottle
Available: MO

Obtained in: special mail order from company
Head: Large Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: filtered water, sugar. natural flavors…

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