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High Country Wild Root Kombucha

ug, this is the most disgusting thing i have ever smelled or tasted. i was hoping it would be at least reasonably tasty as i hear a lot of how great kombucha is for you. but if this is what it tastes like, i am astounded that anyone would consume this, for any reason at all. if you are unfamiliar with kombucha, it is basically a fermented tea with yeast and bacteria and enzymes and junk. i would say it tastes kind of like that sounds. a rotten, basically disgusting mess. wow, people really drink this? i just can’t believe how horrible this tastes. it is like someone threw up vinegar and seltzer and you decided to bottle that. i took two sips and that was one too many. perhaps even two too many. holy slugs and snails! we have a new low ladies and gentlemen!

Anthony’s Rating: 1
User’s Rating: 69
# of ratings:8

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 16oz glass bottle
Available: online, everywhere

Obtained in: Wegman’s
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 80 Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 20g Sugar: 8g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.hckombu.com/

Ingredients: organic kombucha tea* and sarsaparilla root along with an extract of the following organic herbs: licorice root, star anise, yellowdock root, burdock root, wild cherry bark, dandelion root, vanilla bean and wintergreen.
*kombucha is a culture fermented in a base of purified water, organic tea and organic cane sugar

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  1. Why did you rate it a 1, why not just zero?

    Also have you ever tried Moxie soda? If so what are your thoughts on that? I find it nasty as can be and hate the stuff, my grandparents loved moxie.

  2. JB says:

    If you’re looking for a kombucha, it’s a good kombucha. If you want root beer, stay away.

  3. is says:

    I tried this one a couple of months ago… and it is terrible!!!! It tastes like pickle juice. I thought it was going to be alright, but no I was way wrong. I give it a 3 just for being root beer flavored.

  4. pdirt says:

    I really like this root beer kombucha. If you’ve never tried plain Kombucha before, this root beer version is not a good one to start with. It tastes more “rooty” or earthy. Sickly sweet sodas (like your typical root beer such as Hires)don’t agree with me. This root beer kombucha is reminiscent of root beer soda…not anywhere nearly as sweet. Kombucha is tart by nature, which changes the flavor of this root beer. So, if you like tart flavors (yogurt, vinegars, sauerkraut) and you like root beer-ish flavor, this is a great one!

  5. pdirt says:

    An update on this “root beer”. I had some again over the summer and liked it again. If you expect it to taste like regular root beer, move on. If you want a tart and tasty root-y beverage with VERY little sugar, this is wonderful stuff. They really should label the bottle better to warn people that it isn’t going to taste like much regular root beer.

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