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Foodhold Cane Sugar Root Beer

imagine my surprise when i perusing my local Stop and Shop and saw a new, glass bottle root beer on the shelves! wow! it is a very rare occurrence indeed to find a new soda when i am not really actively trying to these days. actually they also had a diet, so I found two (2!) new sodas in one day! what?! I can fully get behind pretty much any new root beer, especially glass bottled ones. granted i would rather it come from small producers as that makes it more fun to find and more fair for other small makers, but i have seen this industry change a lot in the past couple decades so i am sure it will survive some of the big guys as long as there is a superior product. now, just how small the “smell batches” this is brewed in is a big question, as well as if it is even actually brewed. that would be interesting to know. the label is ok, but kind of generic and dull. i do like the sort of screen printed appearance of some of the fonts and graphics but it is on a very dull monochromatic background.
this soda is actually rather unique, surprisingly. huh, never would have expected that! if i were to guess, i’d think it used a different type of sweetener, probably honey as it has that sort of taste and feel to it. although that could be among the “natural flavors” i’d expect them to proclaim that ingredient more loudly were it the case. it tastes rather herbal along side of that, almost tea-like but richer and more hearty. the head is very small yet it is carbonated well and goes down pretty smoothly. i am quite enjoying this in fact. i had actually put off trying it as i thought it would just be dull and predictable but i was wrong, i will admit it now.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CT, ID, IL, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI

Obtained in: Stop & Shop in Somerset, NJ
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 160 Sodium: 5mg
Carbs: 42g Sugar: 42g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: sparkling water, cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, caramel color

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