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Eric’s Not-So-Gourmet Root Beer

ok, so it is leap day so i figured it was a good time to throw in a bonus review post. and also a Wednesday which is the day that reviews a new soda. Eric’s site is probably the 2nd oldest root beer reviewing site out there. he did take a long hiatus but he is back stronger than ever before (nope, he did not, i just thought he did!). coincidentally today’s post there is the first from him (i think) of a soda from a trade he and i did recently. this soda was a surprise throw in on that trade we did. he was very vague about just what he had sent me but said it was a new one to me. i was a bit skeptical since he may not know what i have queued up and all. when it arrived though i knew he was right.
this came in a Stewarts bottle, rebranded with Eric’s high quality labeling which uses recycled receipts apparently, very green! my label is from a purchase of postage! it has ‘Eric’s Seal of Disapproval’ along with the claims of ‘Limited Edition,’ ‘Caffeine Free!,’ ‘The Original,’ and ‘No Anthrax.’ the soda is pretty much the color of the Stewart’s Key Lime soda so i am a bit curious if he just sent me a bottle of that. i quite enjoy that flavor actually but i have not had it in years. yeah, it does taste like that. not so much root beer at all. thus as a root beer this is crappy but as a drink it is yummy. there is only so far you can push the flavor and still claim it is root beer and Eric has pushed it too far in my estimation! i think he just wants to expand the popular conception of “root beer” to include fruity drinks so that he has more stuff to review. limiting oneself to just gourmet root beers has become too stifling for him! he refuses to change site names or focus but if that focus is expanded by societal changes then oh well, guess he just HAS to review key lime sodas too… so the moral here is that key lime is the new root beer, at least according to Eric.
it is a conundrum though how to rate this. as i said above, i enjoy it, but it is not root beer, so i will put it right in the middle. it is tasty, sweet, without a trace of roots but plenty of limey tasting goodness.
update– after talking to Eric himself, it was revealed that this is indeed a bottle of Stewart’s Key Lime soda! wow, my taste buds amaze me sometimes! i had made a comment on his site about if someone took a bottle of lime soda and labelled it as root beer, how i would rate it highly if it was still a good soda. i suppose i should stick with that assertion but i am still on the fence so i will stick with my thoughts from when i wrote this up to start with.

Anthony’s Rating: 50
User’s Rating: 1
# of ratings:1

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Type: Other Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: discontinued

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No
Website: http://gourmetrootbeer.com/

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, totally legit root beer extract

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  1. You had said that if you slapped a root beer label on a lime soda you would still lean towards rating it high because it tastes good, so I was curious to see if that was true. I never took a long hiatus, I was still reviewing and uploading the reviews every year, but I wasn’t putting any indication on the site that it was ever being updated, so it looked like I was gone but I was still around.

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