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Pigeon River Brewing Co Root Beer

as someone who dabbled in radio (well, in college I was very involved with the college station, and had probably the most popular show on the station outside of polka), I have a lot of respect for people still involved. and the man who sent me this and a bunch of others.

I find it curious that they proclaim is ‘Fountain Soda” when it clearly is in a bottle. I suppose there is some benefits of a fountain drink, but to me, it does not signify quality or something made with care. the connotations are much more mass production, inconsistent quality and potential mold in the tubes. or maybe that is just me. having worked in a convenience store and seeing how stuff is. tasting this, they did put some care and attention into it. although I wish they had strayed more off the expected, standard root beer flavor path, they did that flavor very well. it is smooth and creamy with a nice caramel sweetness to it. the caramel is the dominant flavor here behind the root beer itself, which I guess is what the bottle proclaims now that I read it. LOL no lies there Pigeon River! I think it would make a tasty float, although something with more spice would be more interesting. I am very glad they decided to make and bottle this and super grateful to Tony for sending it over of course.

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