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Dempsey Brewing Co Rampant Lion Root Beer

the very kind and generous Vince sent me this one, after posting his find on the root beer hunters facebook group. we trade back and forth but I am sure he has sent me much more than I have sent him. ssshhh, don’t tell him that though, ok? =)
this is one of the cooler labels I have seen I must admit. I know nothing about the Dempsey Brewing Company, as to whether this is a theme with them or something, bare chested barbarians and battling Roman soldiers and such things. also the inclusion of my enemy’s tears in here is very thoughtful and kind! now, how they knew which can was going to me to be sure MY enemy’s tears are in there is mysterious. although you could maybe pick a couple people that are generally disliked and include all of their tears and kind of cover all your bases that way. hhhmmm, that is still a lot of tears I suspect. anyway…
this soda has pretty much no carbonation. I suppose that is how they want it? also, even before I looked at the ingredients I suspected it was just made with root beer extract. it is not bad but it just is root beer, nothing special, nothing unusual, nothing ventured, nothing rampant or lion-like here beyond the label unfortunately. it is sort of watery really, I would like a bit more flavor here. if you are just drinking it with dinner or as a novelty, as the designated driver or something, it is fine and drinkable. yet I would hope for better, at least at attempt to be bold and adventurous as the label seems to indicate.
they have been making it since 1999, which is a bit surprising as I have tried to find root beers in South Dakota online several times since then and never came upon this. but then again, not everyone has an internet presence. although they do in fact have one actually so… maybe I am just bad at finding stuff and I need to look more again soon. but it also makes me hopeful that there are many more drinks out there that I have yet to discover. which would be wonderful as I am pretty consistantly low on new sodas these days.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 16oz can
Available: SD

Obtained in: trade with Vince
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water, sugar, root beer extract, citric acid, the tears of your enemies

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