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Kutztown Root Beer

i am really going to have to order another bottle or 10 of this since it has been in my basement for a good long time. i assumed i had reviewed it long ago but when i took inventory yesterday i noticed i had not! which is a huge shame as i quite liked the other offerings from Kutztown Bottle Works.
i like the taste of this one. it has a hint of a birch-like wintergreen-ness which works well here, in a more hearty package than most birch beers provide. this brew has a body to it that does not go down quite as simply as your average clear birch does is what i am trying to get at here. some people say that corn syrup and cane sugar taste exactly the same, but i just don’t believe that at all. cane sugar has a dsitinct taste and it seems to linger longer in your mouth. i can tell this beverage is made with cane sugar. i quite like the text on the bottle too, which i shall reproduce as best i can, errors intact, or intentional:
When you're bad for something
mighty good, reach for a foamy
mug of Kutztown Root Beer!
Tastes chust like old-fashioned,
'cause you know we make it
that way. Drink 'til you ouch,
there's more back!

now i myself find it endearing that they did not catch the errors. but who is to say they ARE errors really? perhaps there really is more back. somehow. whatever that means. as long as the quality of the soda is high, the packaging is less important.

Anthony’s Rating: 77
User’s Rating: 83
# of ratings:23

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, 20 oz plastic bottle
Available: OK, PA, online

Obtained in: mail from company
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. Tyler says:

    The “errors” on the bottle are not errors. They are simulating the Pennsylvania Dutch accent and speech in the text. In case you never noticed it, right across the front middle of the round logo is “Nix Besser” which is Pennsylvania Dutch/German for “None Better”. I personally love Kutztown’s entire lineup and am lucky enough to be able to get it locally. 🙂

  2. marc says:

    Another root beer I didn’t like much. I drank it after drinking and throwing out Fitz’s root beer.
    Once again I am thinking it might be the time of night.

  3. is says:

    this root beer was ok. It had sort of a weak taste that just was not the best. It’s a 68.

  4. I liked this one, It did not have a strong or solid root beer flavor, but I still liked it. Had a nice light wintergreen aftertaste. I gave this a 70

  5. Jeff says:

    This is good root beer. Nothing complex but I would buy it again.

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