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White Rock Root Beer

well, upon finally going to the White Rock website, i found out that they make/own the Sioux City as well as the Olde Brooklyn lines of sodas. very interesting indeed. which leads me to ponder somewhat how i should be organizing this stuff. i mean, is “White Rock” really the overarching brand for all three lines? sort of… well, more than sort of i guess. but it also depends on the degree on anonymity the other brands have. i mean, several root beers are actually owned by both Coca Cola and Pepsico, yet i would consider them separate brands/lines. so i think i will stick with junk how i have it. unless a soda is well marked and marketed as being part of a line or a sub-brand of a larger brand, then i will leave them separate.
with that said, this soda right here is definitely the worst of their line. it has that medicinal taste that i find rather gross but which many root beers seem to tread very close to. in a lot of those cases, it comes off well but here i am left feeling like i got the root beer flavoring option which is advertised very prominently at my local pharmacy to add to liquid medicines so that kids will take them more readily. not that i have ever actually gotten that mind you. more because i am too sick when i have gotten liquid medicines in the past few years to be thinking “hey, i should get some root beer flavor in my medicine! aw yeh, good plan! that will get me better right quick self!” alas, there are better semi-generic options out there than this.

Anthony’s Rating: 39
User’s Rating: 53
# of ratings:8

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12 oz can, 2L plastic bottle
Available: NY

Obtained in: no idea
Head: Small Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Caffeine: No

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  1. Loganix says:

    I like this one, although i’ve only sampled some other root beers. This one has a nice a little stingy flavour with a creamy aftertaste.

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