Hey Song Extra Salty Sarsaparilla

every once in a while i will try to go to one of the gigantic asian markets in my area when i pass them, just to check if they have any different sarsaparillas or perhaps even a root beer. and of course to get some men’s pocky and koala yummies. i do it less and less often since i seem to have less and less free time. yet i was near one i had never been to with a few minutes of extra time and thought i would take a quick look. lo and behold this beauty! extra salty Hey Song right next to the normal Hey Song Sarsaparilla! at first i grabbed a six pack which had an english sticker with the info on it, but then i saw i could get a single can so just got 2 of those instead. i did not realize they lacked the english info sticker so i am quite in the dark about ingredients and nutrition content and so on. oh well, no matter.
i always expect foreign sodas to be bad. based on past experience that is usually the case, sadly. my american palette is not as accustomed to the flavors perhaps or maybe everyone thinks they are bad although in that case i can’t imagine the company lasting too long. but this is actually decent. maybe even good. unique at least. although i have not had regular Hey Song in a while, i don’t think this one tastes any saltier. the flavor is similar, it is sort of bubble gum/herbal tasting but not in a sickly sweet way. i would not call it american sarsaparilla by any means, but the drink seems to have evolved/mutated/gone some other way in the asian market. i don’t know how much they use actual sarsaparilla in this style drink, but then again, it is not used at all in american sarsaparilla anyway. maybe they use the leaves or something more than the root? i have no idea, just making junk up. it is a pretty sweet drink that hits you with a bit of a bitter taste for a second on initial mouth entry but which fades away quickly. it is interesting and different and i enjoy it. i would not expect to but i do. i will have to get a can of this and one of the regular and compare them side by side to see if they truly taste different.

Anthony’s Rating: 82
User’s Rating: 100
# of ratings:1

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 330ml can
Available: NJ, Thailand

Obtained in: asian market in South Plainfield, NJ
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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