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Gnome Autumn Red Birch Beer Extract

when i read about soda extracts in my attempt to find new ones, this is almost always the birch beer one that people recommend. sounds great to me, i like good things. not always what other people think is good, but that is another story. i would say i like birch beers that other people like though.
usually when i have reviewed soda extracts, they have directions for making it without yeast carbonation. this one does not. so i just the yeast direction measurements but carbonated it with my soda siphon bottle thing. actually now that i look for their website to link it up, i see they do have directions for force carbonation. it is basically the same, so that is good. i was worried a little that i may have added too much sugar since the yeast does eat some of the sugar to make the bubbles normally, but perhaps it is a small amount or maybe those bubbles are sweet… i always find it weird though when the directions include things such as ‘2-4 tablespoons of extract.’ which is it?! that is a big range. i added the max since things often come out too weak with extracts i have found.
even with that, it came out more pink than red and it could use a bit more flavor. which i could add of course since it is my recipe to sort of make up as i go. besides the weak color, this is a actually a tasty birch beer. it has a good amount of wintergreen along with some nice other herbal hints in there. it is smooth and just works well. a good birch beer does not have to be too complex really.

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Type: Red Birch Beer Comes In: extract
Available: everywhere

Obtained in: mailorder from somewhere
Head: None Sweetener: none
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: natural and artificial flavorings, alcohol, propylene glycol, water, fd&c red #40, fd&c blue #1

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