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Rainbow Extracts Spruce Beer

hey, a spruce beer! i find this a curious thing. i mean, spruce beer is such a very tiny niche product, even more so than birch beer or any other soda i know of. to make an extract for it seems random and probably a losing proposition. is there that much demand for people to make their own spruce beer? i have no idea but i doubt it highly.
so once again i fired up the ole soda siphon, mixed this up according to their directions, cooled it down and carbonated it up. i have limited experience with spruce beers, although the couple i have tried were tasty. this one is kind of weak, as a lot of the extracts seem to be. it is not as badly so as many of them though. the taste is not so great either though. although i used real cane sugar, it tastes like it has artificial sweetener, it has this weird, chemical-ish tinge to it. i don’t know what it is that causes that here, everything else in there seems pretty common. the flavor is dominated by this weird flavor so i don’t taste much else beyond that. i do taste a little bit of the pine flavor that seems to be common in spruce beers, but it is faint and too behind the scenes. i have had much worse drinks, but this does not float my boat. usually with these extracts, i make a bit less than a liter and finish it, but this time around i find it hard to get through one glass besides my attempt to identify the weird chemical taste. i think i have one other spruce beer extract so i hope that one is better than this.

Anthony’s Rating: 62
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Type: Spruce Beer Comes In: extract
Available: online

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: Sweetener: none
Caffeine: No

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