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faerie’s finest birch beer extract

so luckily i have found more ready made sodas to sample thus i don’t have to mix up as many extracts and syrups and the like, although i did stock up on them so there will be a bunch of reviews interspersed anyway. fun fun. well, sort of.
this is the second offering from faerie’s finest, who still make a buttload, perhaps two full buttloads, of products to flavor things in most imaginable ways. i am very impressed with their selection of flavors and the variety of formats that you can purchase them in. i like to think of the company as a couple of ex-hippies, perhaps wiccans, trying to have a business that supports their ideals and values and running it out of their kitchen or something. but the logistics of keeping all of these products around makes me doubt that is the case at all. although it is possible.
now, there is a picture of their website page about the birch beer extract which shows a sparkling float made with, i assume, their birch beer. it even says “birch beer” underneath. but it is brown and this is very much clear, which is just fine really but a little misleading. perhaps you are expected to provide your own caramel color? i don’t know. i am not sure what ice cream would work in a birch beer float. vanilla might. coffee i think would be tasty.
so the flavor here is not very traditional birch beer at all. it fact i don’t know what it is. there is a trace of wintergreen in there but otherwise it is a bizarre chemically taste. or maybe a very natural, flower essence taste? it is hard to tell. i am not a big fan. it is ok and different at least but not “good.” i did want to like this one, support this business and get those hippies some money and all, but it is just ok. i am at a lose for how to describe the taste much better. very light and i will go with herbal but in an herbal tea way. yes, that is where is falls. i have had teas much like this flavor, between a darjeeling and an irish breakfast somewhere.

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Type: White Birch Beer Comes In: extract
Available: online

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: None Sweetener: none
Caffeine: No

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