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Americana Root Beer

yup, they have changed their recipe and name as well. gone are all of the interesting seeming ingredients like extracts of vanilla, licorice and sassafras root bark, which could actually be included in the ‘natural flavors’ thing, but i’d imagine you’d point those out, or continue to do so and not removed them from the listing if it were indeed so. but now there is honey! i like honey. it has been over 16 years since i had the old version so honestly i have little idea what it tasted like at this point. i could go back and read my review, which i may do shortly but for now i will judge it on its own merit.
so let me see. yes, i can taste the honey a little. this actually reminds me a lot of regular Sprechers. not the honey one which is much better in my opinion. besides the honey it is solid yet unspectacular. with a pizza or a veggie burger or something, sure, i’d drink this and enjoy it a bunch. on its own, it is just a good root beer, i would not pull it out to impress friends or as an example of which a root beer can be, but perhaps as an example of what root beer is and should be to someone who has not really had root beer before. it goes down smoothly, not a lot of carbonation to get in your way here. whether that is a good thing or not is up to you, i would like a little more to perhaps make one slow down a bit and have to take note of it. this way it comes off a little too creamy as well for my tastes, but that is nitpicking.

Anthony’s Rating: 81
User’s Rating: 90
# of ratings:3

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: AZ, NJ, OK, WA, online

Obtained in: rocket fizz
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar, honey
Calories: 160 Sodium: 50mg
Carbs: 43g Sugar: 43g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, natural & artificial flavors, caramel color, honey, citric acid,and phosphoric acid

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