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Gilded Otter Barley’s Rootbeer

so i was about to come home from my 6 year college reunion and i recalled that i had found a brewpub online that was very close to the old alma mater. so i went to the ole computer lab and got directions via my own site. i drove a bit out of my way home but i got there fine. i saddled up to the bar and order a tall frosty one. it was rather tasty so i inquired of the bargal if they bottled it. they said they could put it in a growler for an obscene price. of course i bit and got it. so here i am at home, 2 days later, kicking back with a growler of soda. aw yeh! i enjoy this soda. it has a real “rooty” quality to it, a slightly bitter thing going on i guess even though it is quite sweet. decent carbonation although no real head. it seemed to have one when they dispensed into the bottle though. perhaps it has disapated with time or else i should shake it a little. i feel like i can place the unique taste of this but i can’t… oh well, some sort of root.

Anthony’s Rating: 90
User’s Rating: 70
# of ratings:7

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 64 oz glass growler
Available: NY

Obtained in: Gilded Otter Brewpub, New Paltz, NY
Head: Tiny Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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