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Stone Ridge Creamery Root Beer Float Ice Cream

it is summer, time for ice cream and jumping about in large sized water containers. and of course root beer. so today you get a bonus review! woo hoo! almost every summer for the past 4 or so years i have purchased some sort of root beer ice cream with the intention of reviewing it. yet i have not done so yet i don’t think. it is an area of the root beer world that needs to be mined. and since i love ice cream AND root beer, i think i am the man for the job!
this one seems to be a pretty generic store brand. i have no idea where else it is available. i could probably check the website and see of course. when i bought it i thought it was a local brand so i had never seen it near me in central NJ, but there it was in the grocer’s freezer by my work. but now when i look at it closer i see it is a generic thing. oh well, no matter really. it is also a hybrid. vanilla ice cream with root beer sherbet. now, reading about what sherbet is from the authority on all things i have learned a lot. i of course have had sherbet before but i never knew it had to have between 1% and 2% dairy content and if it comes in between 2% and 10% it is then a “frozen dairy desert” which sounds rather scary to me. i think that subset needs a new name, feel free to suggest one.
so root beer sherbet seems interesting to me, they should sell that on its own really. that way i can maybe actually taste it. you see, i cannot taste much of any root beer flavor here at all. even in spoon fulls where the root beer part seems to be the vast majority, i get really nothing. really, not even a flavor of anything at all. the vanilla is actually pretty good and that saves this somewhat.

Anthony’s Rating: 50
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Type: Non-Soda Comes In:
Available: NJ

Obtained in: supermarket in Hamilton, NJ
Head: Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Caffeine: No
Website: http://stoneridgecreamery.com

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