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Butler Extracts Imitation Root Beer Extract

this is one of the most confusing brands i have ever encountered. the box says “Butler’s Extracts” all over it but also “Butler Extract Co” with the address. the bottle though has “Dutch Bakers” very big on it with the same “Butler Extract Co” and an address on the bottom. so it is rather confusing what the name of this is. the recipe on it uses 4 gallons of water, 4 lbs of sugar and yeast. i did not want to do that, just for one glass/bottle of it to sample. so i followed the recipe from a different extract and hoped for the best. i think it came out how they intended.
the point of an extract is to taste like the expected flavor of course, so this succeeds in that regard. it is standard root beer flavor. and that is fine and good for baking or whatever but not exactly what i am seeking when i mix up a batch of soda myself. I always hope that they will do something a little different, make it unique. Some do, but that is more the syrups than the extracts. this is alright and does the job. i’ll probably keep the rest around for baking something.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: extract
Available: PA, online

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: None Sweetener: none
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: caramel color, propylene glycol, water, phosphoric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate (as preservative)

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