Indian Wells Death Valley Sarsaparilla

well, this one did not change all that much at all, going from cane sugar to just sugar and losing a bit of sugar in the nutrition info. this is an unusual change I must say, most often a company goes from using something else to using cane sugar, not from cane sugar to something else, but whatever, I have no nit to pick with these fine folk. in any case, I have to be open to any change so here I am reviewing Indian Wells Death Valley Sarsaparilla once more! hopefully it is still as good as I recall the old recipe being.
first off I notice some strong cinnamon notes, ok, I am good with that. beyond that I get a pretty smooth caramel richness, that is also a solid taste. it is not a crazy flavor mind you. i would say it leans more towards a traditional root beer than a sarsaparilla as it is not too hearty and rooty, but that is just my feeling on what these things normally taste like after trying nearly 1000 different ones, so I could be all wrong here. the head is strong and large and long lasting too. they have not changed the bottle or label at all, but if it is not broke, why mess with it? so yeah, it is good, not exceptional and more than just drinkable.

Anthony’s Rating: 82
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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CA

Obtained in: Rocket Fizz
Head: Large Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 170 Sodium: 25mg
Carbs: 43g Sugar: 42g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, caramel color, natural & artificial flavor, phosphoric acid

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