Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda

March 22, 2000
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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 14oz glass bottle
Available: CT, NJ, NY, online

Obtained in: Quik Chek, NJ
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar, honey
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.hansens.com

from the get go, you know this soda is wacky. the bottle is strange looking, it is 14 ounces instead of the usual 12. then you see it has a “blend of Madagascan, Indonesian and Tahitian Vanilla Extracts.” what the heck is that about?! at first, i always enjoy this soda. it is very full bodied, you can taste the honey and vanilla distinctly. yet, as i drain more and more of it, i always feel a little sick. it is too rich perhaps. i do not know. not that it is a bad sick always, sometimes it is kind of nice. overall, it is not really a sarsaparilla but more of a creamy, rich root beer.
Ingredients:Triple filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, malic acid, natural spices, blend of Madagascan, Indonesian, and Tahitian vanilla extracts, honey, wintergreen extract and natural flavors.

Anthony’s Rating: 79
User’s Rating: 72
# of ratings:67

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ikuul Says:

I really want to try this one. I emailed Hansen's and they told me that it was discontinued. Just my luck!

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