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Bud’s Homemade Root Beer

exciting, the 800th soda added to my database! not the 800th review of course, that is like a decade down the road, there are a lot of sodas in the database that i have yet to get and probably never will get since they are at only a single brewpub or whatever. no matter. just a fun milestone i suppose. i have no idea how i came upon this soda. can it be called a soda if it is not carbonated at all? i am not sure, i always thought that that was what made something a soda. “soda water” is just carbonated water, right? hhhmmm, i will just call it a drink for now i suppose.
anyway, i found this somehow and ordered some even though the cost was quite high. a small bottle, which is 16 oz and not really so small mind you, was $6 before shipping. to make the shipping cost worthwhile i got 6 or so. which is a gamble as this could be awful. as the bottle is absolutely gorgeous, i kinda of understand the cost a bit more. it has a flip top, resealable bail cap, much like the Virgil’s Bavarian and the entire Cooper’s Cave line. but the glass here is a very solid, thick cobolt blue color, very cool indeed. there is no label so no ingredients or nutrition info. i am not quite sure if that is legal, but oh well.
so if this is indeed their own recipe, brewed from herbs and spices and the like, it is quite tasty. excellent some might say. i will include myself in that “some” who might say that even. i do miss the carbonation i will say so that takes it down a little. i think i may try to throw some of this into my force carbonater and see how it is like that. this does have a very sweet taste, just below the level of too much. but i like that personally. it is also very herbal, i can see how this is an old recipe, yet it still tastes current and appeals to current tastes. you can also see how this sort of flavor became what is more commonly accepted and expected as “root beer flavor”. this is not all THAT far off but it diverges enough to know it is different and it does that quite well.
so good job Bud! a fine brew you made.

Anthony’s Rating: 93
User’s Rating: 99
# of ratings:6

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 16oz glass bottle, 1L glass bottle, 64 oz glass growler
Available: IL, online

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: None Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: no idea

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  1. Karen says:

    No carbonation at all? Does that mean no yeast either?

  2. yeah, no yeast, no carbonation at all. interesting. i never did run it through my seltzer bottle either. oh well. all gone now.

  3. Medieval Root-Beer Stalker says:

    Buds sells their homemade rootbeer at medieval events, and frontier and civil war reenactments. I stalk them across the state every chance I get, lugging my cooler full of empty bottles… Their refills are cheap once you own their bottles and gallon jugs.. I have two gallons shipped to me for my birthday in the fall. I also spoke to the proprieter; I don’t know all of the ingredients; but I know there is black cherry in there..

  4. David Thompson says:

    This root beer is amazing. I buy it at a festival, take it home, and mix it half-and-half with club soda, and it is the perfect beverage. I don’t know what the ingredients are, but it tastes very natural – a deep complex flavor.

  5. […] label which proclaims this bottled by Little John Enterprises. the flavor here reminds me a lot of Bud’s Homemade Root Beer which is exactly the same sort of business, selling and refilling bottles at events. it is […]

  6. […] fashioned which was the intention i assume. the flavor here is somewhere between Weeping Radish and Bud’s Homemade, it is very licorice dominated. i like licorice so this is fine by me. it also has a very low […]

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