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Chug’s Choice Gourmet Root Beer

the molasses in this really gives it a different flavor. i am not sure how i feel about it though. it doesn’t make it taste like virgil’s or something but it is not a huge improvement. maybe i’d love it in time. perhaps i will find out some day. yeh. this is the only root beer i’ve ever had that didn’t have a twist-off top, but needed a bottle opener instead. rather annoying i think, not very nice.

Anthony’s Rating: 66
User’s Rating: 63
# of ratings:33

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: discontinued

Obtained in: Seattle, WA
Head: Sweetener: brown sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water, brown sugar, caramel color, molasses, gum arabic, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate as a preservative.

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