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After The Fall All Natural Diet Root Beer Spritzer

alright, so i got a 6 pack of this stuff when i was visiting people in Atlanta. it was at one of those natural grocery stores. i tried a couple of cans there but brought a couple home to try too. why, i do not know. especially now when i try it again. this is SO bad. granted it has no artificial sweeteners which is a plus. which means no cancer or brain tumor or liver damage risk i guess. but it tastes just like this medicine i used to have to have to take as a child to control my coughing from the asthma. the after taste is actually decent. it is that initial kick that stinks up the joint. it does sort of taste like some tropical fruit gone wrong.

Anthony’s Rating: 11
User’s Rating: 36
# of ratings:16

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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 12 oz can
Available: discontinued

Obtained in: Atlanta, GA
Head: Tiny Sweetener: fruit extract
Caffeine: No

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