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Empire Bottling Works Rootbeer

ok, i feel like i may have said this before but i can’t think of any root beers that come in a green bottle. ok, domestic root beers since there is that one weird little British one… so yeh, the soda… it is interesting. unique almost. and i don’t say that too much. a spicey blend yet the cane sugar gives it that slightly thicker, heavier feel without making it seem syrupy. i like it. the thing is, this company seems to bottle a lot of other brands, like Kay Koola and AJ Stephans so i am not sure if this is the same as one of those. i don’t think so, probably proprietary flavors for each of them. but i wondered why the caps looked so familiar…

Anthony’s Rating: 93
User’s Rating: 80
# of ratings:42

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: NY, RI, online

Obtained in: mail order
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. […] note of was the green glass bottle. the only other ones i can think of that come in green glass are Empire Bottling Works Root Beer and Naturale 90 but the first has the smaller metal twist off cap and the latter is a bigger bottle […]

  2. marc says:

    Yeah. After drinking a bunch of new rootbeers I finally found one to be decent and worth buying.

  3. Enjoying this one right now. Very nice flavor. Like the name. Empire!

  4. Holy sasparilla, finally, a root beer that does not play the typical creamy card that so many root beers play. Instead of being like a typical root beer that has a lot of creamy base, this one takes advantage of the spicy side of things. It has an excellent non-orthodox flavor with a great hint of sassafras and sarsaparilla. This one would definitely make my top ten list of root beers. Again, the only fault I could find with Empires root beer is that their carbonation makes you feel a little gassy and have to burp too much. All in all though, this one is a solid 86.

  5. As of this post, I would say in the last month I have drank maybe 20 root beers. I am going back and keeping a log of every root beer I drank and stating if I like it, love it, hate it, or somewhere in between. I figure I have tried somewhere close to 300 root beers.
    On my list I am currently up to 125. Sadly I have only 3 that I would say make my top ten list. This is why I am going back over every root beer again. So I will only buy ones I love and not waste money on the ones I hate.
    Sadly this is another in a way to long list that has to much winter green for me. I like winter green in root beer, a little is good, to much and you dont have root beer any more. I give this a 70.

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