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Stone Creek Root Beer

so i play baseball every sunday with some friends of mine, at least in the spring and summer. it is quite a good time. but one never knows just how many people are going to show up in a given week. so sometimes there is a game, sometimes we just hit it around and other times no one else shows up at all. anyway, right near the field is a Big Lots store. for those of you unfamiliar with the Big Lots, it is like Odd Lot or other stores that seem to get random stuff that did not sell at other stores for whatever reason. one day at the end of last summer i stopped in there after no one else came to baseball. and they had around 4 kinds of rootbeer i had never had! which is weird as i have had quite a few. this was one of them. (have i written all of this before for a different soda i found that day? probably)
i am quite amazed that this does not have corn syrup as it seems to be a pretty generic soda, from “Douglas Foods.” i can’t find any mention of the soda or the company anywhere else so maybe this is very very old or a failed venture or they just have no web presence.
in any case, it is pretty good. a little bit syrupy but the flavor is good. it completely lacks any sort of head which may be due to it being old. i will have to try another bottle and update if need be. a traditional root beer flavor with a good amount of sweetness, no real other flavors or spice going on, which is good and bad really.

Anthony’s Rating: 74
User’s Rating: 51
# of ratings:2

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 20 oz plastic bottle
Available: IL, NJ

Obtained in: Springfield, NJ Big Lots
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

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