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changes still coming

you may have noticed the site changing before your eyes this week, and there will probably be a few more of those happens, so just hold onto your bottlecaps and keep children at bay.
recently added was a new navigation bar on the top there to get to specific pages, including a FAQs page with a listing of the sodas with caffeine which will dynamically update if i review any more. this seems to be a big concern of people coming here, so there you go.
i have also been trying to find a stats plug-in that i like. basically i have something now i like but would like a counter which will count unique visits. that does not seem so much to ask, but perhaps it is. i suppose i could write it myself, maybe. when i get some time i will try probably.
what else? i am still adding links and trying to make sure they all still work but that will take time too. bear with me.
thanks again for the suggestions and comments and for bearing with me!

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