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Frostop Root Beer

well, this one was a very long time in a-comin’ i must admit with shame. about a year and a half ago i went to New Orleans and very coincidentally, right across the street from where i was staying was a Frostop restaurant/stand type deal. after a hard day of gutting hurricane damaged houses, nothing was better than grabbing a icy mug and relaxing. at the time i wrote down my thoughts, took photos of the mug and the place and signs and junk and then promptly never did anything with it. i meant to and probably will since i think that the tap stuff if is fact different from the bottled stuff, much like with Stewarts. but that would entail me finding those notes. or returning to a Frostop stand.
anyway shortly after that trip i had someone email me and offer to send me a bottle each of Frostop regular and diet root beers. i accepted and it arrived soon after. then i, of course, put it in my special root beer fridge in my basement and did nothing with. until now! woo hoo! it has lost a bit of its fizz i am sure but it is a very tasty brew. it is a bit too syrupy sweet i guess although i like a very sickly sweet brew myself. it is your typical root beer flavor mainly, but nearly perfected without anything special or interesting to set it really above the rest. it is about on the level with IBC and the like.

Anthony’s Rating: 75
User’s Rating: 81
# of ratings:48

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 1L plastic bottle, fountain
Available: AR, CA, ID, MI, MN, NV, OH, OR, WA, WV, WI

Obtained in: in the mail!
Head: Medium Sweetener: corn sweetener, sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. Roger Kujac says:

    Best root beer I hav ever tasted.

  2. Kriztoffer Swank says:

    Couldn’t stand it. :p Tasted like liquefied Dubble Bubble. Far too sickeningly sweet.

    Heard it’s much better on tap, though. And the bottled beverage tasted good with ice cream, but that’s where its sweetness was beneficial.

  3. dave says:

    I think you under rated this one. It has a beautiful wintergreen note and creaminess. Give this one another try. One of my all time favorite root beers.

  4. Drew Fisher says:

    One of the better “commercial” (i.e. large production, widespread distribution) root beers I’ve had–despite its high fructose corn syrup/sweetener. I like the taste despite the HFSC headache and brain-starve insulin “shakes” I incur later.

  5. Jeff says:

    one of my favorites.

  6. This brand is ok, This is sold at almost every store here in MN, but I would rather have another brand. I give this a 65

  7. Don Crews says:

    Hands down the King Of Root Beer’s! Just wish i could find it in more stores here in Michigan like I once did. All other root beers just taste watered down. Love that full rich flavor!

  8. is says:

    Just tried this root beer for the second time now. I must say that it was much better than the first time I tried it – perhaps because they only use pure cane sugar in the glass bottled version. This root beer does kind of play it safe with a standard flavor; however it does taste unique. I really like the head on this root beer, because the head tastes thick/creamy and lasts a good while. The drink itself is pretty smooth, but the carbonation kind of makes me have to burp too much. However, this does have a slight-nice sarsaparilla flavor, but very little bite. One of the things I do not like is the slight metallic aftertaste. Overall, I’d have to up the score from the first time I tried this soda to an 85. It is tied with Frostie Root Beer, as I also gave Frostie an 85.

  9. Steve says:

    My personal favorite. They also now put out a Black Cherry soda which is the best black cherry i have ever found

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