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Pearson Bros. 1896 Root Beer

I am not sure at what point Pearson Bros. switched pretty much everything about their root beer, new label, new logo, new size bottle, new recipe, new branding, new location, etc. they do proclaim it “Natural Soda number six” on the label but I have no idea what they refers to, are there at least 5 other natural sodas in this line? is this the sixth recipe they have tried? or did they just make something up that looks more interesting and such? I do know it has been twenty five years since I last tried any of their drinks, so this is basically new to me even if nothing was actually new. I feel it may just be Bull’s Head 1896 Root Beer in a little different bottle, but perhaps not. it is made by them as well as the label indicates.
the flavor on this one is a bit different, which is a pleasant surprise. it is more caramel than most root beers I would say, maybe a touch more cinnamon as well. this is not to say it is hugely unique or unusual. from what I recall of the Bull’s Head, this tastes quite different so unless I got a bad bottle of that or a much better bottle of this, they do seem to be different. carbonation is pretty nice, just adding to the experience and not taking over. the same can be said of the sweetness, it is pretty spot on.

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