Lost Trail Sarsaparilla

to tell you the truth, i have absolutely no clue where or when i got this. i suspect i ordered it sometime in the past year but i am not sure. i seem to just have the one bottle though. i may have bought it in Utah when i was there in May or so, but they don’t seem to sell it in Utah. but then again, i cannot tell where they sell it from the website anyway. if i had bought it from the company i would have had to get a 4 pack at least it seems and i would have gotten Lost Trail Diet Root Beer too, which i did not do. unless i lost it. i doubt that though.
this is stinkin’ good! i wish i had gotten more of it! definitely a hearty, spice-filled flavor here. it is complex, with definite cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg even. i just can’t tell on this one. i am liking the sugar sweetening very much though, i can tell you that. maybe because it is a sarsaparilla, they felt they could experiment more with the flavor, but i am very glad they did. and to think i had this in my fridge the whole time, unsuspecting of the yum that awaited me! even just now, as i decided just which of the 10 or so sodas that are there, awaiting their turn in my gullet, i could have chosen badly. i did not though, i assure you of that!

Anthony’s Rating: 95
User’s Rating: 79
# of ratings:16

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: KS, NV, online

Obtained in: no idea
Head: Medium Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. Dainna C says:

    Lost Trail Sasspirilla is sold in Trail Dust Steak House in Denver…

    Personally I find it to be weak and watery, though.

    Everyone has their own personal tastes

    I enjoy your reviews, and usually agree, where I have tried the stuff you are reviewing

  2. marc says:

    Surprise, surprise. I’m a Sarsaparilla lover at least when it comes to Lost Trail

  3. This one was not to bad, I could drink it again. It was better than a lot of them I have had lately, I gave this a 70

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