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IBC Diet Root Beer

yes, that is right, it took me fourteen (14) plus years to finally review this soda pop. i lose track of stuff like this after a while. i just assume i have reviewed it. actually about a year ago i tried to make a list of the more obvious, pretty readily available sodas that i have yet to review and i carry it with me at all times. there are actually a good amount still on there, so perhaps i will get to 500 after all.
i was surprised to not see the “this product contain saccharin which may cause cancer” warning after i saw this has saccharin. so i investigated and discovered that the link to cancer was determined to be questionable and the warning is no longer required. shows what i know. whatever, i still don’t want to drink much of it.
regular IBC is a mediocre drink so its diet equivalent i don’t have too high expectations for…
i have had people ask why i don’t get someone who likes diet sodas to review them for me. the answer of course is then it would be “anthony and some diet soda lover’s root beer barrel” and that is hard to fit in a logo. plus it is a form of root beer, so i shall review it personally.
in that same vein, this is not so tasty. it is just harsh and sharp and mean to my tongue and taste buds and belly. for a diet soda, it is ok as that is what most diet sodas taste like. the flavor otherwise is sort of like regular IBC but with a bad aftertaste and a more harsh mid taste. i don’t recommend it. there are better canned diet root beers out there.

Anthony’s Rating: 31
User’s Rating: 56
# of ratings:8

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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: everywhere

Obtained in: somewhere
Head: Sweetener: aspartame (NutraSweet), saccharin
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, caramel color, sodium gluconate, sodium benzoate (preservative), natrual and artificial flavors, food starch – modified, citric acid, aspartame, sodium saccharin

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