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Pittsburgh Soda Pop American Classic Root Beer

for years now i have debated whether i should try to review the various soda syrups, extracts and the like that are out there. it is kind of an untapped area for me. yet with the rise of the Soda Stream and similar devices, it seems like a growing segment of the beverage world. the issue being that i would need a carbonation method. i am not going to go all yeast-style, for many reasons. the biggest is that i have never had a yeast carbonated soda i liked at all. smaller issues are the alcohol content and the danger and mess factors. keg carbonation would be great but would require a large investment of money to get the equipment, time to get it going correctly and space to put it. i could buy a soda stream but i am holding out for them to send me one for review one day. (hey, it could happen!) so that leaves me, in my mind, with the one option i have used before, my trusty soda siphon. it is like the old seltzer bottles you see in old comedy routines. you put the liquid in, screw on a CO2 cartridge and it blasts the bottle full of CO2. mix it in and you have bubbly whatever you put in there. i could also just use seltzer water but that is not as fun as spraying delicious soda out of a bottle.
ok, so since i used the soda siphon carbonation level will vary from other methods that are possible. i am not sure how that affects the head, if that is a function of the ingredients or the bubbliness of the water. i would think it is a combination of both.
unfortunately, this is a little bit weak but the flavor is good. i expected it to be very standard because of the name and the fact that they have around four (4) other root beers that seem to go off in other directions, but the taste is actually a little more deep. there is some licorice in there as well as some other spices i can’t quite place. maybe a little cinnamon, perhaps some clove. it is a little bit bitter initially but that fades. it has a different taste for sure, not too sweet but not bad. even with that it is a pretty good root beer. not amazing, but good. if i had a soda stream, i would get more of this stuff. i am definitely excited to try the others.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: syrup
Available: PA, online

Obtained in: ordered from website
Head: Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water, granulated sugar, natural & artificial flavors, gum acacia, spices, caramel color, malto dextrin, sodium benzoate, citric acid


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  1. A soda siphon, I should try that for my homemade root beers. Reviewing extracts is a great new expansion area, I look forward to hearing about the rest of these.

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