Homemade Soda Co Sassy Sarsaparilla

ok, well, this is a new concept for me. this company makes extracts, four (4!) different root beers, a birch beer and a sarsaparilla. i figured i could do what i have done in the past with soda syrups and just add it to seltzer in the recommended amount and have a drink. whoa, yuck! i had not realized that syrups and extracts are quite different in that extracts are not sweetened while a syrup is. that makes sense but it complicates things a bit more for my purposes. all i can really do is try to follow their directions anyway and see what results. yet, the instructions are for making a five gallon batch with yeast carbonation. i don’t want to make that much, i just want a glass. and i don’t want to yeast carbonate as it always taste bad. so i am just going to guess a bit with some simple syrup, seltzer and this extract. an inexact science but close enough. i think i will also try making it with my soda siphon as they also have directions for that method, even though it requires more planning.
so after all that, how is it? as i can kind of make it how i want it to taste, it is pretty decent. i made it pretty sweet but with a good amount of flavor. it is pretty strong and “rooty” if that helps describe it. very robust and hearty, it is not your average sarsaparilla. it delivers on that “sassy” promise. not like Sassy magazine either. well, maybe like mid 90s Sassy when it was pretty good and interesting, in between when it was lame. i have no idea if it is even still around. probably not. so yeah, the soda… you can taste the herbs and feel like this is more authentic to how sarsaparilla once tasted. which is not to say that it is amazing. it is fine and ok, but i don’t love it and wouldn’t make it all the time. or crave it at night or something. i will try it with the siphon and see how that turns out though, perhaps it will be tastier.
ok, i am back, some time later. i have made it with the siphon this time. i would say it is about the same. which actually surprises me, i thought it would be sweeter or stronger, but i suppose i got the amounts right last time. cool. but the rest of this batch of sodas i will just do in the siphon, it is pretty easy really and i have the process down well. it is a decent soda but not the best or the worst. good but not spectacular.

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: extract
Available: online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: None Sweetener:
Caffeine: No

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