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Tommyknocker Root Beer Float

a few months ago my girlfriend and I went to Utah, to go to three national parks, do a load of hiking, see some rad stuff and all of that. and we did indeed do all of that. i was a bit saddened though that i did not find any new root beers, especially in Moab, that seemed the perfect place for a wacky brewery to be. that is until one of the last days when we stopped at a random store in a small town for some snacks for our final car ride back to Salt Lake City. and in the refrigerated section of that grocer’s inventory was the full line of Tommyknocker sodas! i was excited, mainly because i quite enjoyed their regular root beer but also because this soda was there too! but i never tried it until now.
here is the short review for those of you pressed for time: it tastes like bubble gum, exactly.
now for the longer part: yup, it really does indeed taste just like bubble gum. how in the world is that anything like a root beer float? what are you thinking Tommyknocker people?! i think this stuff may in fact be discontinued and i definitely see why, if so. if not, i think it should be as this wreaks mass havoc upon the fine name of “Tommyknocker!” so let this be a plea to anyone in anyway affiliated with that company, stop them! now! please?

Anthony’s Rating: 22
User’s Rating: 45
# of ratings:8

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Type: Other Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MA, MI, MN, NE, NC, ND, OH, RI, SC, TX, UT, VA, WI, WY, online

Obtained in: random town in Utah
Head: Large Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.tommyknocker.com/ourSoda.html

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  1. Nancy Collins says:

    You think this is bad? Try their actual beer! Argh! It tastes like everything is brewed with maple syrup.

  2. kevin says:

    i have been to moab its a cool town if u go back thare go to the moab brewrey thay mainly brew beer but thay make the best damn rootbeer iv ever had try it?

  3. gmm says:

    Never had their soda but they used to make a good stout. It didn’t taste like maple syrup at all.

  4. […] no good but i think it would appeal to some people. i think this is the taste that those “root beer float” sodas try to get. super creamy but just not enough root beer flavor for me. […]

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