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Vine Park River City Root Beer

this was a very cool surprise! when i ordered some Glewwe’s Castle Root Beer, the brewery offered to send me a bottle of this as it is only available at the brewery which is near him. so very kind! thanks to you again sir!
if i were to imagine just what the root beer made by a beer brewer would taste like, i think this might be it. it is very “solid” and “hearty” if that makes any sense. there is a definite body to it, a presence. although i have never had an actual beer, that is the stereotypical image that beer and beer drinkers are supposed to conquer, at least to me. burly, tough dudes who need to relax with their buds after a grueling week in the coal mines to watch the big boxing match or something. yes, yes i know that that is not how 99% of beer is drank, especially micro brews, but humor me here, ok? i may have a point here eventually, i am not sure what it will be yet, but if i ramble long enough one may occur to me. well, i suppose it is just that when i go to a brewpub or brewery with friends who do drink beer and they also make a root beer, this is what i would expect to get served. tasty, definitely root beer as they don’t deviate from the expected taste much, yet full bodied and strong. not necessarily something you would want to put ice cream in as it would make it less man-ly, but you definitely could and it would be tasty i am sure. it is good but i don’t think it has enough that is special about it to really vault it up to the higher level.
although this place sounds more like a place where you go with your friends or whatever and they help you brew up your own stuff, so perhaps it is very different than the image i have in my head. oh well.

Anthony’s Rating: 85
User’s Rating: 79
# of ratings:7

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, keg, On Tap
Available: MN

Obtained in: in mail from mark
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. A few weeks back I decided I wanted to go through every single root beer review and look at them all. I came across this one and thought, wow, I live less than 5 miles from this place and I never knew they made root beer, So I went and bought a 6 pack from them.

    I wish they had an ingredient list on the bottle. My wife felt that it had a over whelming taste of winter green. I did not think the winter green was that strong and I liked it. I thought it had a slight anise taste.

    I give this a 70

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