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radio interview

so i am going to be on the radio, talking root beer and junk on sunday, 7/13/2008. the show is called “Sauced!” and it airs live in Nashville, TN on
ClearChannel’s WLAC 1510 AM and is streamed at www.wlac.com.
so listen in, check it out.
my first radio appearance in about a decade i guess. and the first time as some sort of authority on something. wacky indeed. but it should be fun nonetheless even if it is on a ClearChannel station…


EDIT – actually i guess it is called “The Saucy Sisters Show”. it is on 12-1pm CST, so 11am-12 noon Eastern time, where i am. their website is here

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  1. Very Cool.

  2. Art Shapiro says:

    Sure don’t see any indication of a program called “Sauced” on the http://www.wlac.com site; it appears to be an all-news station.


  3. ArtShapiro says:

    So how did it go? I wasn’t willing to give up my club cycling to sit at home, despite the appeal of the interview.

    Has it been archived anywhere?


  4. anthony says:

    went pretty well! not too long, maybe 10 minutes and they kind of threw me without the questions but it was fun. i will try to get audio up soon. and they said they will have it archived soon too.
    i would rather have club cycled too probably.

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