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history channel comes a-callin’

so sunday i had my first television interview! at least about root beer. probably about anything as far as i can recall although i feel like i have been filmed interviewing bands before. yet that would be the reverse roles of what went on sunday.
so anyway, it is for the Modern Marvels show, they are doing an episode on soft drinks which sounds like it will be pretty jam packed so i don’t know how much of me will make it on-air, but i hope a good amount does. they filmed in my root beer room (which i really just set up for the occasion) and in my kitchen. lots of very god questions were asked, i reviewed a root beer i had never had on camera for them and 3 or so hours later they left. it was a very good time, for me at least.
the air-date as of right now is September 29th but i will remind you and let you know if that changes.
fun stuff, spreading the root beer reality!

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  1. heyshippy says:

    That’s REALLY cool! I’ve been following the Root Beer Barrel for a few years now! I think it’s cool when someone’s hobby/interest gets them that 15 minutes of fame….that’s totally rad!

  2. The Shop says:

    Thats crazy, yet I am still looking forward to the showing!

  3. Make sure you get a copy of the video and a transcript- for future posting.

    Great Blog by the way- my daughter has become a root beer fan.

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