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Anchor Ginger Root Beer

woo hoo! review #600!!! 17 years later. =) i wonder if 17 years from now i will be at 1200. if i keep up my current pace of one a week then i will reach 1000 in early 2022 and 1200 in 2026, so somewhat quicker, 12.5 years or so. i have my doubts that i will reach that total but i sure hope so. very good, on with the show!
at the moment i have about 10 sodas in queue to review, i keep 4 or so in the fridge at most times and when i am ready for a review i grab whichever one appeals most to me at that moment. i try to take into account if i have done a lot of one kind of review lately or not. if i have done lots of birch beers lately i will try to mix in a root beer or whatever. you get the idea. so today i went running at lunch time. but before that there was free pizza and i, being the hungry fellow i am, had 2 slices of pretty good bruschetta pizza. i usually follow the rules about not eating before exercise but i thought i had waited long enough. so the upshot of this is that my belly started to feel a bit weird after my 4th half mile sprint so i packed it in shortly after that. when it came time to chose a brew, the ginger one jumped out at me. ginger of course helps with tummy issues.
i have been looking forward to this soda. i have mentioned before that if i did not review root beers and the like i would chose ginger sodas to put under my microscope. i like them. i enjoy ginger. heck, i married a ginger and have two ginger children even. i am quite curious how the worlds of ginger and root beer will meet in this case.
i like it. quite a bit. but i am not sure i would say it is a root beer. but then again, ginger is a root and here it is made into a soft drink beer, so i will go with it. it is definitely very ginger. not as spicy as a strong ginger beer but more so than a ginger ale. heavier than a ginger ale too. there is a bit of a traditional root beer taste that comes in at the end, a kind of creamy mellow-ness that works very well. of the many root beer combos out there, caramel, butterscotch, cherry, etc, i think this one works the best. the carbonation level is perfect, it is there but not overwhelming or controlling the mouth feel too much. this deserves to be in the upper levels of root beers and i will have to get more if i ever see it myself.

Anthony’s Rating: 97
User’s Rating: 82
# of ratings:4

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: WA, online

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 170 Sodium: 40mg
Carbs: 43g Sugar: 43g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, natural & artificial flavors, caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (a preservative)

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  1. Ed Keen says:

    Let me know if you want some soda to try.
    ed keen

  2. Congrats anthony on review #600! ed, can I take you up on that as well?

  3. Ed Keen says:

    Which sarsaparilla has a young child on the label?

  4. none that i have reviewed or can think of Ed. A bunch of root beers do though.

  5. rick b says:

    I finally found a bottle at the local world market.
    Right off just on the smell test, it smell good, like root beer with ginger.

    I gotta say, I really am impressed, I’m not a ginger beer or ginger soda fan myself.

    But this has a really good creamy mouth feel, has a slight root beer taste from the start, and finishes with a peppery ginger flavor. I gave this a high 95.

  6. I really enjoyed this root beer as well. This had the potential of going wrong in so many ways, but the combo of ginger and root beer is pretty much perfect.


  7. powellad123 says:

    Achor Giner Root Beer has the name Root Beer on the label, but this is not a root beer which is very disappointing.
    Color of the soda is very much a dark molasses color. The head is really, and I mean really short head which dissipates very quickly actually no real carbonation to this soda at all, so you don’t get that root beer mustache another disappointment to this soda.

    As far as the taste is concerned its very and I mean very light on the root beer flavor to NO root beer flavor at all and ginger doesn’t really play into the flavor either in my opinion. If anything, it has a more of a sarsaparilla flavor to it. There is a caramel taste to the soda but on the ingredients label it says caramel color added so that’s where that caramel flavor is coming from.

    The aftertaste is long lasting but very mild… again just doesn’t denote a root beer flavor at all. It is slightly acidic when going down the throat and that acidic feeling lingers which is somewhat annoying. This soda just didn’t impress me as a true root beer soda, I would classify this more under sarsaparilla type of soda if anything. If you are going to put the words, “Root Beer” on the label it better taste like root beer. Maybe put only Ginger on the label then maybe there would be some truth in their labeling. Will never buy this soda again and would not recommend this soda to anyone else.

    I would give it a “C to C-” grade by my ranking or a score of 71-74 Anthony’s ranking.

  8. cherryflv817 says:

    Not my favorite, it isn’t a great root beer or ginger beer, not too sweet so that’s good, but kinda blah otherwise.

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