La Mundial Zarsaparrilla

my friend Cathy got this for me on a recent trip to Costa Rica. who would have known that sarsaparilla is made/sold outside the US, let alone what it is called in spanish? certainly not I! I might even have missed this in the refrigerated section of a Costa Rican’s grocery store. i was quite apprehensive about tasting this as almost all non-American versions of root beer, birch beer and sarsaparilla have been some very bizarre (and often quite unsuccessful) versions of the expected flavor. nonetheless this one is actually good. really good! it is quite light and very refreshing, especially for a non-clear soda. (why colored sodas are less refreshing i am not sure. maybe the artificial coloring is syrupy and thick or something in general? i don’t know.) there is almost no carbonation which i think adds to the soda in this case. although the flavor is definitely recognizable as sarsaparilla, it does deviate a bit with some more herbal flavor, a hint of licorice perhaps? the real sugar also is a good thing here, making it sweet without being syrupy and heavy. the only problem is that i can’t get anymore unless i go to Costa Rica myself! oh well, just have to enjoy this one bottle for now.

Anthony’s Rating: 89
User’s Rating: 84
# of ratings:6

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 470ml plastic bottle
Available: Costa Rica

Obtained in: Costa Rica someplace
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

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