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Deerfield Diet Root Beer

indeed, it is time for the diet version of this soda line to step up to the plate and be judged by yours truly! will it stack up to the regular kind or fall flat on its bubbles like so many other diet beverages before it? i suspect the latter as it is diet and all.
they went with sucrolose here, which i think is probably the best of the diet sugars. it makes little sense to me to include the “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” proclamation though, i mean, it is diet and would not be if it had the HFCS, now then would it?
there are about 3 or 4 waves of flavor with this drink, i don’t think i have ever experienced that before. first you get this slightly bitter, slightly root beer-ish flavor which quickly vanishes. it then becomes more metallic and “diet-soda-ish” with the more bitter thing happening. that lasts about 2 seconds and it becomes a sweeter flavor which is nice and happy but then that fades and the diet soda thing overwhelms you, but slowly. your tongue starts to feel like it has been painted, your tummy aches a little in protest. i can’t do it, i must stop. i don’t like it.

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