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new features

lately i got a couple of suggestions of things that people would like to see so i am trying to implement them.
first i added the ability to sort of the Rankings page by soda name and also by how many votes it has. click on the links at the top of the tables or on “Soda” or “# of Votes” to see it in action. it is only sortable A to Z or high to low, not the other directions as that seems less useful to me.
second i am trying to add more info to each soda, ingredients, plus exact calorie, sodium, carb and sugar content info. this will probably not happen for everything as it would entail taking many crates full of empty bottles down from my attic and typing it all in but perhaps one weekend i will be very bored and do it. the canned and plastic bottled sodas i (mostly) did not save at all, so unless someone wants to write me with their info, that will not happen at all. sorry folks.

any more suggestions of what you might want or are looking for, let me know!

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