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Weeping Radish Root Beer

i had wanted to get some of this for quite a while, one day i was clicking on my own links and wanted list and so on and noticed that they offered mail order. i immediately placed that order! even if it turned out to cost around $3 a bottle. oh well. their bottle is actually a 1 Pint, 0.9 Fl Oz size. which i would think would translate to some exact size as that seems silly to me. but perhaps it is more common in the beer world where Weeping Radish are more present. i am too lazy to add a new size catagory to my database so i will just list it as 1 pint. hope that is ok with you all. if not, oh well, tough cheeses.
now this here is a 100% natural soda so i have to keep it refrigerated as there are no preservatives. i don’t think any of the other all natural sodas can make that claim. or would want to as it very much would limit their distribution i would imagine. it also fills up my root beer fridge with this giant bottles. alas.
wow, this is a really good soda! perhaps since it is from root beer extract it is exactly what a root beer should taste like, to me. i think i would like it to be a little bit sweeter but it is still very solid and one of the best i have ever had. there is a very strong licorice taste here so if that is not up your alley, steer clear. that gives it a hearty kick and sets your mouth a-buzzin’. i am not sure how i feel about the fact that they use extract. i suppose it depends where that comes from. if they make it themselves then i am very much for it. but if they buy some commercial product which anyone can get, then i am somewhat opposed as i could just do that myself. i will go with the assumption that they make it and treat that ingredient as the mysterious “natural flavors” which appears on pretty much all sodas now in existence.
this would make an interesting float i would say. the sharp taste would work well with the creamy sweet ice cream. i may have to try that soon.

Anthony’s Rating: 97
User’s Rating: 80
# of ratings:7

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 1 pint glass bottle
Available: NC, online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: root beer extract, pure sugar % 100% pure h2o

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  1. I just moved to Greenville, NC. I’m about 2 hours from the Weeping Radish brewery. Can’t wait to get back over there and grab some more of this stuff. It really is that good.

  2. Fritz says:

    16.9 fl oz is roughly the equivalent of 500ml. They must be using 500ml bottles 😉

  3. […] across as old fashioned which was the intention i assume. the flavor here is somewhere between Weeping Radish and Bud’s Homemade, it is very licorice dominated. i like licorice so this is fine by me. it […]

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